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The Chinese Economy and the Extractive Industries

Sanborn, C., and Torres, V. (Eds.) (2009). La Economía China y las Industrias Extractivas. CooperAcción- Acción Solidaria para el Desarrollo y Centro de Investigación de la Universidad del Pacífico. https://repositorio.up.edu.pe/handle/11354/2637

The Chinese Economy and the Extractive Industries

This pioneering exploratory study, conducted by Cynthia Sanborn and Víctor Torres, explores whether we are ready for a new scenario in which China emerges as one of Peru’s main trade partners. The study analyzes China’s political and business context and its international relations and examines two large companies that operate in Peru due to this new context. This work from 2009 was published in Spanish by UP And CooperAccción – Acción Solidaria para El desarrollo.

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