About the Center

The Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies began work in January 2013 and constitutes a pioneering initiative within the framework of the Universidad del Pacífico (UP)’s institutional internationalization, taking into account the importance and impact of China and the Asia-Pacific region in the evolution of the global economy and that of Peru in particular. Founded as the Center of Peru-China Studies, the center adopted its current name in 2017 to reflect the expansion of its field of inquiry to the Asia-Pacific region, while retaining China as its main focus. The center seeks to create knowledge on China and Asia-Pacific in terms of economic development, international markets, and international relations, among other matters, with a strategic vision and a long-term perspective.

Key lines of research include: China and sustainable development (environmental impact of Chinese investments); the Belt and Road Initiative (infrastructure and connectivity); China-Peru relations (Latin America); innovation in China; comparative economic development between China and Peru (Latin America); and Asia-Pacific during globalization (lessons learned and opportunities for Peru). Starting in 2021, the center is focusing on deepening and diversifying this agenda, inviting colleagues from the UP’s various academic departments to pursue their interest in China through new lines of research and/or teaching in line with their specialties.

Goals and Approach

The Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies aims to progress studies about the role and impact of the People’s Republic of China on the Pacific Basin and the global economy. Through analysis of the constant transformations to the Chinese economy, we gain insights into their experience of development and internationalization. In addition, we look to renew our understanding of the evolution and impact of China’s trade, investment, and cooperation with Peru and the Latin American region.

As an APEC Study Center, another of our most important goals is to generate knowledge about the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, we are exploring potential new economic relations with Peru’s biggest trade partners in northeast Asia, such as the Republic of Korea and Japan.  Likewise, we analyze southeast Asia’s internationalization experiences with a view to learning lessons.

Our aim is to represent Universidad del Pacifico in activities related to our fields of interest. One of the most important purposes of this institutional role is to foster linkages between UP professors and researchers and their peers in China and Asia-Pacific. These linkages give rise to joint research, knowledge exchange, and academic training activities for the ultimate benefit of students.

The approach of the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies involves establishing networks alongside institutions in China and Asia-Pacific to carry out joint activities. To this end, the center has carried out six annual academic missions to China and one mission to Korea, involving visits to specialist institutions and peers on the other side of the Pacific. These academic connections have translated into high-impact joint academic events covering a range of topics, as well as joint research projects and the promotion of academic exchange in order to offer specialized academic training in this field.

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