Networks and alliances

The center has developed various alliances with institutions and networks at the national and international level with the aim of strengthening its institutional capacities and its academic projects.

> International

Ford Foundation

The Center has received a major donation from the Ford Foundation, which has two main objectives: to strengthen the institution and its studies on China; and to promote a network...
> International

APEC Study Centers Consortium

It is composed of more than 70 institutions that promote academic research and discussion to support the regional economic integration mission and build professional academic networks in the region.
> International

Fudan – Latin America University Consortium (FLAUC)

The Fudan–Latin America University Consortium (FLAUC) was created in 2017 as a platform for exchange, communication, and cooperation between universities
> International

LASA (Asia and the Americas)

The Latin American Studies Association (LASA) is the largest professional association in the world for individuals and institutions engaged in the study of Latin America. With over 13,000 members, LASA...
> International

Red ALC-China

The Latin America and the Caribbean Network on China (abbreviated to RED ALC-CHINA in Spanish) was created in the context of the increasing efforts undertaken since at least the beginning of the XXI...
> National

Peruvian Network for Asia-Pacífico Studies (REDAP)

The Peruvian Network for Asia-Pacífico Studies (REDAP) was founded on August 7, 1997 to bolster the participation of Peruvian academia in Asia-Pacific’s cooperation and integration mechanisms and, in turn, enhance...
> National

Chinese Peruvian Chamber of Commerce (CAPECHI)

The Peruvian–Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CAPECHI) is a private institution founded on August 23, 2021 to promote commercial exchange between Peru and China.

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