Red ALC-China

Universidad del Pacífico Red ALC-China

About Red ALC-China

The Latin America and the Caribbean Network on China (abbreviated to RED ALC-CHINA in Spanish) was created in the context of the increasing efforts undertaken since at least the beginning of the XXI century in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as in China and other countries about the relationship between LAC and China.

The main objectives of the Network RED ALC-China are:

  • RED ALC-CHINA promotes the transmission of knowledge and the research findings on the economic, commercial, political, cultural, historical, environmental relationship, as well on the Chinese learning of LAC region with China. Also, it transmits the activities of other institutions linked to the LAC-China relationship.
  • Promotes courses, seminars and other events related to the subjects of the Network.
  • It encourages the creation of research teams according to specific subject areas.
  • Contributes in the creation of training and coaching for specific topics under concrete demands (research projects, books and other publications, debates and discussions, etc.).
  • It promotes links with other existing networks, in the LAC region, China and other countries.
  • It offers a virtual library with publications about the subject areas of the Network.
  • It provides information on scholarships, support, notices and even job opportunities on the subject areas.
  • Promotes other activities defined by the Executive Committee of RED-ALC-CHINA.

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