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Deputy Director of the Center presents at the FLACSO General Secretariat’s 3rd Latin American Cycle of Conferences

As part of the 3rd Latin American Conference Cycle: Diplomacy, Science and Innovation in Sino–Latin American and Caribbean relations, organized by the FLACSO General Secretariat and its Chair in Contemporary China, our deputy director, José Carlos Feliciano Nishikawa, gave a presentation entitled “Digitalization in China: current status, trends, and case studies”.

The virtual conference cycle, which ran from July 11 to 27, featured six experts from China and Latin America who presented their research and opinions related to the themes of innovation, science, and technology in China.

In his presentation Mr. Feliciano provided information about the state of development of the international digital economy and the Chinese digital economy, in addition to listing the Chinese government’s major public policies related to digitization. In the second part, he discussed the most representative business models of Chinese technology companies and cited the most emblematic case of digital philanthropy in China: Tencent Charity. Thereafter, the floor was opened for questions and comments from those attending the videoconference.

Our deputy director’s presentation, along with the other five given at the event, will be transcribed into a series of reports to be published in a commemorative book and later presented to representatives of the member states within the FLACSO system.

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