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Dr. Rosario Santa Gadea Invited to Celebrate 150 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Peru and Japan

On Monday, August 21 the center’s director, Dr. Rosario Santa Gadea, was invited to the ceremony to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Peru and Japan, held at the headquarters of the Peruvian Foreign Ministry.

At the event the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ana Cecilia Gervasi, stressed both nations’ commitment to continue deepening their strategic partnership based on shared values and principles.

In the field of economics, Japan has become Peru’s fourth-largest trading partner and the third-biggest importer of its products. Meanwhile, the Japanese community in Peru is the second largest in Latin America, with nearly 200,000 members, and the third most sizeable in the world. And for its part, the 50,000-strong Peruvian community in Japan is the most populous Spanish-speaking community in that country.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(Photo gallery of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru)

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