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Jose Luis Bonifaz participates in the Sustainable Infrastructure Financing Workshop of APEC Peru 2024 in Cusco

On May 28, Jose Luis Bonifaz, a full professor at the Universidad del Pacífico and a researcher at CIUP and CECHAP, participated in the APEC Sustainable Infrastructure Financing Workshop in Urubamba, Cusco. In his presentation, Bonifaz emphasized the crucial importance of integrating the planning, prioritization, and development of sustainable infrastructure in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Peru.

Bonifaz emphasized that proper planning and prioritization of infrastructure are essential for the success of projects, highlighting that the lack of a transparent approach can lead to significant issues such as poor maintenance, cost overruns, and project delays. He insisted that transparency in these processes not only improves efficiency but also fosters public and private trust in infrastructure management.

Furthermore, Bonifaz emphasized that sustainability must be at the core of infrastructure planning from the outset. He argued that integrating sustainability criteria can prevent future problems and generate long-term economic and social benefits. He noted that ignoring these criteria can result in significant cost overruns and delays, making investment in sustainable planning an economically sensible decision.

Finally, Bonifaz emphasized that the development of sustainable infrastructure should be a priority in the initial stages of planning. He highlighted Peru’s gradual progress in this area, noting the National Sustainable Infrastructure Plan for Competitiveness (PNISC), which incorporates environmental and sustainability criteria in the planning and execution of projects.

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