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Leolino Dourado, research affiliate at the center, participates in the 27th IPSA World Congress of Political Science in Buenos Aires

On July 19, research affiliate Leolino Dourado presented his paper “China-Backed Infrastructure in the Global South: Lessons from the Case of the Brazil-Peru Transcontinental Railway Project” at the 27th edition of the World Congress of Political Sciences (IPSA) held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

IPSA 2023 took place between July 15 and 19, with more than 3,000 participants from 102 countries. The event featured a total of 2,929 research papers, 647 panelists, four main sessions, 12 special sessions, and four award sessions. The next IPSA gathering will take place between July 12 and 16, 2025 in Seoul, South Korea.


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