Macroeconomics, regional integration and energy sector in China and Peru: perspectives and trends

The Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies of Universidad del Pacífico organized a joint workshop with the Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (IQTE-CASS), one of the best think tanks of the Asian country, on May 7th 2018. The event was a fruitful internal knowledge exchange workshop on China and Peru regarding topics such as macroeconomics, regional integration and the energy sector. The visiting delegation was led by the General Director of IQTE-CASS, Professor Li Ping, expert in Macroeconomics with extensive experience in Strategic Planning and macroeconomic projections at national, regional and sectoral levels in China. On the Peruvian side, Dr. Gustavo Yamada, Director of the Research Center of Universidad del Pacífico (CIUP), explained the situation, trends and challenges of Peru in the Latin American and global contexts. Regarding the topic of regional cooperation, Dr. Liu Qiang, Co-Chair and Secretary of the Global Forum on Energy Security and Dr. Rosario Santa Gadea, Director of the Center, discussed about the “Belt and Road” Chinese Initiative. Besides this, there was also a presentation about the Pacific Alliance by Mrs. Magali Silva, former Minister of Trade and Tourism of Peru. Finally, Mr Huan Huayi, representative of ChinaPower in Peru and Dr. Liu addressed the topic of the Energy sector.

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