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Omar Narrea participates in the workshop “Transformations in the City-Port Dynamics” at the Municipality of Chancay

Omar Narrea, researcher at CECHAP, participated on Friday, May 17 in the workshop “Transformations in the Dynamics of City-Port”, held in the meeting room at the Municipality of Chancay. This event allowed him to expose the progress of the CECHAP research project on the transformations that the future port of Chancay will bring.
During the workshop, the opportunities that will arise from the port of Chancay were also addressed and how the Urban Development Plan prepares the district to take advantage of them, encouraging synergies with large infrastructures such as industrial parks, the train, and road projects.
The workshop brought together municipal authorities, councilors and officials, including Elizabeth Díaz Villalobos, coordinator of Chancay’s Urban Development Plans. Díaz Villalobos thanked Narrea’s presentation, highlighting that it allowed them to expand the perspective on the Port of Chancay Terminal and to understand the importance of economic corridors and industrial parks in the country.

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