The Center Participates in the Studying Contemporary China Seminar in Brazil

The Studying Contemporary China seminar is organized annually by the China–Brazil Study Group at Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). This year’s event, which ran from September 21 to 23, was the sixth. The event provides a space for young researchers (doctoral students and recent graduates) to present their research on China. The aim is to enhance the visibility of these research projects and promote cooperation and debate among those interested in studying China in order to inform and strengthen perspectives on the Asian giant. This year, the event was held in a blended format (online and face-to-face) at the UNICAMP campus. In all, there were six roundtables featuring researchers from around Brazil and some neighboring countries. Participating researchers’ areas of interest included international relations, economics, political science, environmental studies, sociology, and others.

In addition, the event had two keynote speeches by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Their participation is the product of a strategic partnership between UNICAMP and CASS, which has given rise to the joint creation and running of the CASS-UNICAMP Center for China Studies.

Within the framework of this event, Leolino Dourado, a research affiliate at the UP Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies, presented the main findings of his research, entitled “Chinese Cooperation for Infrastructure Development in the Global South:
Lessons from the Case of the Brazil-Peru Transcontinental Railroad Project.”

This study aims to deepen understanding of inefficiencies in South–South cooperation initiatives, particularly those undertaken in cooperation with China, and thereby offer insights into optimizing results and reducing risks.

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