Consent for the processing of personal data

In accordance with Law No. 29733 (hereafter, “the Law”) and Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS (hereafter, “the Regulation”), the owner of the personal data (hereafter, “the Owner”) consents to, by way of their signature or any other form of express acceptance, the processing of the personal data they provide to Universidad del Pacífico (hereafter, “the University”), by any physical or electronic means, for the purposes specified below.

The University, located at Jr. General Sánchez Cerro No. 2141, district of Jesús María, in accordance with the Law, the Regulation, and related regulations, declares that it is the owner of the Personal Data Bank that stores the data recorded on the various platforms or websites owned by the University, and which is duly registered with the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data. Accordingly, the University states that the recipients of the personal data will be the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies, the University’s marketing department, and any other academic or administrative units pertaining to the University, which will retain the personal data for a maximum period of sixty (60) years or until amended, depending on the nature of the data; with the main purpose of using this data for academic, institutional, administrative, and commercial procedures, and of meeting the needs of the applicants, students, and graduates of the University’s academic programs, as well as those persons interested in the events the University holds or in which it participates.

On this basis, and in accordance with the provisions of Article 58 of the Consumer Protection and Defense Code, the Owner consents to being contacted by the University through  telemarketing activities and to receiving information about the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, executive education and languages programs, and satisfaction and improvement surveys as well as any academic, artistic, cultural and entertainment events organized by the University or any of its dependencies, for which the University may use post, telephone, email and other electronic media, or any other means of communication.

The owner consents to the University sharing, assigning, or transfering this data to third parties for the following additional purposes:

  • Performing telemarketing activities through telephone calls, SMS messages, emails (individual or mass) or other electronic media to promote the University’s products and services.
  • Keeping the Owner’s data up to date.
  • Conducting financial evaluations in order to provide information related to payment scales or benefits that ensure students can continue with their programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive education levels, as well as any other educational services provided by the University.
  • Carrying out distribution activities (courier or delivery) for sending and collecting documents, articles, awards, and other materials.

The University guarantees that any transfer, cession, or assignment of personal data will be subject to the provisions of the Law, and the University will ensure that these data are not used improperly.

In the event that the Owner is a minor between fourteen and eighteen years of age, they declare that they understand the contents of this document and, on this basis, grant their consent to the University for the use and treatment of their personal data in accordance with the purposes specified above.

Should the  Owner wish to exercise their right of access, cancellation, opposition, revocation of consent, amendment, or any other, they may do so at Jr. General Luis Sánchez Cerro No. 2141, Jesús María district or by writing to The University undertakes to communicate the procedures associated with asserting the aforementioned rights.

The Owners express awareness that the forms in which they provide their personal data include mandatory and optional questions, which may be identified in the forms in which they appear. The act of granting personal data empowers the University to use these data in accordance with the purposes specified in this document. In the event that the Owner does not consent to the processing of their personal data, the University will be unable to include the Owner in its database of applicants/stakeholders or, as a result, to send the Owner immediate and up-to-date information regarding its activities;undergraduate (degree) postgraduate (masters), executive education (extension), and language programs; educational satisfaction and improvement surveys; academic, artistic, cultural and entertainment events; or other activities related to the University or its dependencies.