This second publication in the UP’s Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies conference papers series is entitled “Industrial Hubs in ‘Sphinx” China’ and documents a presentation given by Professor Kou Zonglai, Ph.D., Vice Dean of the School of Economics, Deputy Director of the China Center for Economic Studies, and Director of the Institute of Industrial Development at Fudan University, at the International Symposium “The Transformation of the Chinese Economy: Four Decades of Reforms and Internationalization and What Comes Next?  Professor Kou Zonglai expounds on the importance of what he calls the Chinese sphinx model, which was adopted after the 1978 reforms and set China and its economy on course to become the superpower it is today. This model, which defies convention, combines a high level of economic decentralization with a highly centralized political superstructure. He also explores the fundamental role of political entrepreneurs, who can offset information externalities, solve problems of resource underexploitation, and promote industrial hubs, which can serve as a point of contact with economic entrepreneurs. Likewise, Professor Kou notes the proliferation of industrial hubs that, despite a balanced distribution throughout Chinese territory in recent years, have  created overlaps between provinces due to the so-called “GDP contest” promoted by central government.

Participating institutions:

  • Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies

Main researchers:

Kou Zonglai

Institute of Industrial Development, Fudan University


Industrial Hubs in “Sphinx” China

Industrial Hubs in “Sphinx” China

Kou, Z. (2019). Industrial Hubs in “Sphinx” China. In “The Transformation of the Chinese Economy: Four Decades of Reform and Internationalization and What Comes Next?” (No. 2019–2; Conference Documents Series of the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies at Universidad del Pacífico).

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