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Standardizing Sustainable Development? Development Banks in the Andean Amazon

Ray, R., Gallagher, K., y Sanborn, C. (Eds.) (2018). ¿Estandarización del desarrollo sostenible? Bancos de Desarrollo en la Amazonía Andina. Center for Global Development, Boston University and Centro de Estudios sobre China y Asia-Pacífico, Universidad del Pacífico. https://www.bu.edu/gdp/development-banks-in-the-andean-amazon/

Standardizing Sustainable Development? Development Banks in the Andean Amazon

In this publication of 2018, Rebecca Ray, Kevin Gallagher and Cynthia Sanborn present the results of the interdisciplinary study jointly coordinated by Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center and the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies of Universidad del Pacífico. Four in-depth qualitative case studies form the core of this project, exploring the role of national government and the environmental and social risk management policies of development finance institutions in the environmental, social, and economic outcomes of individual infrastructure projects in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. In Ecuador, the work team was composed of María Cristina Vallejo, Betty Espinosa and Francisco Venes from Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Quito. In Bolivia, the specialists participating were Lykke Andersen, Susana del Granado, Agnes Medinaceli and Miguel Antonio Roca from Instituto de Estudios Avanzados en Desarrollo, La Paz. The Peruvian research was made by Juan Luis Dammert. Finally, and as a separate and contrasting case, Julie Klinger worked on the case of Brazil. The four studies show the obstacles that operate against the effective use of environmental and social safeguards in the projects examined. Three areas of shortcomings are highlighted: effective stakeholder participation, comprehensive environmental assessments, and transparency and accountability.

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