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2022 Session of the Advisory Council of the UP Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies

The 2022 session of the center’s advisory council took place virtually on December 14. The Advisory Council is a space for strategic advice in which distinguished national and international experts provide key ideas for the development of the Center in its various fields of action related to China and Asia-Pacific.

Among the members of the Advisory Council who attended the session were representatives of the Peruvian business sector such as Yolanda Torriani (former president and member of the board of birectors of the Lima Chamber of Commerce –CCL) and Juan Varilias (former president of the Association of Exporters – ADEX) as well as distinguished international scholars such as Dr. Zhang Jun (dean of the School of Economics and director of the China Center for Economic Studies at Fudan University, China) and Dr. Carol Wise (professor in the School of International Relations at the University of Southern California, United States). On behalf of the UP, the Advisory Council members are Dr. Arlette Beltrán (Vice Chancellor for Research), who chairs the group, and Dr. Joanna Kámiche (director of the Research Center – CIUP). The other council members who participated in the session were Dr. Rosario Santa Gadea (director of our Center), Dr. Cynthia Sanborn, (principal professor at UP), José Carlos Feliciano (deputy director of the Center), and Bryan Andía (directorate assistant of the Center).

After Dr. Beltrán’s words of welcome, Dr. Santa Gadea made an initial presentation on the center’s objectives, results for 2022, and future plans, with special emphasis on 2023, which marks the tenth anniversary of its establishment. During the second stage of the meeting, space was given to comments of the members of the Advisory Council, including questions, recommendations, and the exchange of very valuable ideas for our center’s progress. It is worth noting, however, that the contributions of council members in this advisory space does not imply any responsibility in the activities of the center, and are therefore non-binding.

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