A new perspective on trade with social distancing

The rigorous lockdown and social distancing measures implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic placed a strain on the supply chains of small, medium, and large companies in Latin America, forcing them to migrate to new process management models. For instance, in the city of Lima an alliance between Universidad del Pacífico and the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima gave rise to a project in which public spaces were utilized for the sale of products outdoors.

Dr. Mario Chong, a researcher at the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies, presented the findings of this experience to an international audience at the e-APEC Study Center Consortium Conference 2021—hosted this year by the New Zealand APEC Study Center at the University of Auckland on July 6 and 7—in which he participated as a speaker.

Dr. Chong also took part in the digital economy/digital trade panel, which addressed issues of importance for the digital transformation of APEC economies in a context where the swift adoption of technologies is necessary. Other key themes were trade and economic integration, sustainable growth, and inclusive growth.

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