Center’s Director was part of the V China-Latin America and the Caribbean Think Tanks Forum in Beijing

Dr. Rosario Santa Gadea was invited to participate in the 5th Think Tanks Forum between China and Latin America and the Caribbean, on October 28th and 29th, 2019, in Beijing, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. At this event, one Think Tank was invited per country, with this distinction being awarded at the UP’s Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies. The Director’s presentation at this forum focused on the Belt and Road Initiative and Peru, constituting a new opportunity to publicize the research that the Center has been carrying out in this area, which revolves around identifying the key issues of the Chinese initiative and how Peru’s strategy could be oriented and its potential role in the relationship between China and Latin America. As a result, the China Watch Institute of the China Daily published an article by Dr. Santa Gadea, on December 11th, 2019, which includes the proposals of her presentation in Beijing. Among the Chinese institutions participating in the 5th Forum were the Council for Silk Road Think Tank Association, the centers and/or institutes of studies about Latin America from various universities and think tanks within the country, among others. On the part of Latin America and the Caribbean, in addition to domestic think tanks, representatives of regional institutions such as CAF, the Development Bank of Latin America and ECLAC participated.​

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