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Dialogue Session with visiting scholar Dr. Shi Shuo

On Tuesday, March 26th, 2024, the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies (CECHAP) and the Hanyu Club Student Organization co-hosted a dialogue session with students from the Universidad del Pacifico on the Chinese economy and Sino-Peruvian economic relations. The activity featured a keynote speech by Dr. Shi Shuo, a visiting scholar from the Fudan Development Institute (FDDI), and comments from Leolino Dourado, a researcher at CECHAP.

During his speech, Dr. Shi comprehensively examined important aspects of the contemporary Chinese economy along with its future trajectories, elucidating their implications for Peru-China relations. He highlighted that China’s economic growth rate has decelerated in comparison to previous periods, yet its growth momentum remains relatively robust and commensurate with the country’s developmental stage. Furthermore, during the dialogue session, emphasis was placed on China’s internal challenges, such as instability in the real estate market, youth unemployment, and population aging, as well as external challenges, notably the trade war stemming from rivalry with the United States. Throughout its history, the Asian giant has demonstrated resilience in confronting numerous challenges, yet in order for its growth trajectory to persist, it will inevitably need to undergo future challenges.

Regarding economic relations between Peru and China, the sustained growth of China presents a favorable scenario, as it signifies the continuation of its demand for Peruvian imports and opens doors for further investment opportunities. Ultimately, Dr. Shi emphasized that for Peru to continue enhancing its growth trajectory, it is crucial for the nation to actively pursue investment in sectors known to have higher value added. In this regard, the Chancay port could serve as a pivotal starting point, given its enhanced logistical capabilities and the potential it holds for attracting additional Chinese enterprises.

We express our gratitude for the academic residency of Dr. Shi Shuo over the past six months at CECHAP, where his contributions in the fields of development economics, international cooperation, macroeconomics, and Chinese economy have been immensely valuable to everyone at the Center. We extend our best wishes for his continued success upon his return to the Fudan Development Institute (FDDI).

We also shared his presentation from the dialogue session with the students of Universidad del Pacifico. Download here.

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