Director of the Center meets with commercial counsellors and senior officials from EU member states in Peru

​On April 7, 2021, a working meeting took place between commercial counsellors from the embassies of the EU member states in Peru, to which Dr. Rosario Santa Gadea, Director of the UP Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies, was invited as a speaker. Dr. Alexandre Mateus, Head of the Economic and Commercial Section of the EU Delegation in Peru and Bolivia, chaired the session. During her presentation, Dr. Santa Gadea analyzed trends in the economic relations between Peru and China and drew ideas for the future from her recent study “The Chinese Economy in Globalization: Trends and Opportunities for Peru.” This paper is part of a broader body of research on China and Asia-Pacific, which has already been published on the Center’s website. It will also be part of a publication to be launched by the UP in book-form to mark the 200th anniversary of Peruvian Independence. Also attending the event were 23 officials from 14 EU member states (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and Sweden) as well as from the EU Delegation in Peru. During the session, the Center´s director exchanged opinions with the European representatives about China’s presence in Latin America and, in particular, Peru, for which the Asian nation is now the main commercial partner, and the site of a growing number of investments. Notably, a few days before the event, on March 25, Dr. Santa Gadea participated in a bilateral meeting on similar topics with Her Excellency Nathalie Lintvelt, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, and several officials from that embassy.

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