Director of the Center presents research at the APEC Study Centers Consortium (ASCC), Chile 2019

More than 60 research centers on Asia-Pacific of APEC member economies make up the APEC Study Centers Consortium (ASCC) that met on May 13th 2019 in Viña del Mar, Chile. The Director of the Center made a presentation on China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Peru. Julie Kim, Director of the Asia-Pacific Center of the School of Economics and Business of Universidad Diego Portales acted as the Chair of the ASCC 2019 given that Chile currently presides over APEC. The encounter included 21 speakers in 4 panels: new scenario of APEC, regional dynamics, inclusion and education. Dr. Santa Gadea’s presentation during the first panel addressed the topic of China’s Belt and Road initiative and Peru presenting a strategic vision for the country from the perspective of South American physical integration and competitive insertion in Asia-Pacific.

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