International workshop between experts from UP and the Institute of Latin American of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (ILAS-CASS)

The Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies at UP organized a discussion and knowledge exchange with the delegation from ILAS-CASS, which visited us on May 21st, 2019. The opening words were given by the Academic Vice Chancellor, Professor David Mayorga and the General Assistant Director of ILAS-CASS, Professor Wang Rongjun. The first session discussed the climate of prosperity for business as well as perspectives on economic cooperation and trade relations between China and Latin America. The speakers were Dr. Yue Yunxia, Director of the Department of Economics of ILAS-CASS; Dr. Shi Peiran, Assistant Professor of Economics; and Dr. Zhang Yong, Assistant Director of the Department of Economics at the same institution. Comments from UP were presented by Dr. Jorge Heredia, professor from the Academic Department of Administration, Professor Oscar Malca, Vice Dean of International Business, and Professor Christian Libaque, Head of the Academic Department of Engineering. The second session examined China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Dr. Rosario Santa Gadea, Director of the Center, and Dr. Xie Wenze, Professor of Economics at ILAS-CASS, made presentations. Professor Omar Narrea of the School of Public Management also attended this session and provided commentaries. A wrap-up discussion session was held with all participants.

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