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Nifta Lau participates in the Africa-China Initiative Annual Spring Symposium 2024 at Georgetown University.

Nifta Lau, researcher at the Center, participated in the event Africa-China Initiative Annual Spring Symposium 2024: Africa, Asia, and the Americas. This event was held on the 29th and 30th of April 2024 in the Multipurpose Room at University of Georgetown in Washington D.C. The symposium brought together experts from the United States, Peru, and Chile to examine the transregional links between Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Over the three sessions, experts and academics from different disciplines discussed historical commitments, diasporas and other flows between regions, and explored the concept of the “Global South”. Furthermore, they analyzed the relationships between “Global China” and Africa and Latin America.

In the panel on “Diásporas and other flows”, Lau presented the discussion “Re-sinicization and the overseas Chinese in Latin America: Recent trends in Brazil and Mexico”. The research explored the relationship generated between certain objectives in China and developments within the framework of diaspora diplomacy in Latin America from the 2010s.

The event was organized by the Africa-China Initiative Studies at Georgetown University and co-organized by the Center for Latin American Studies, Americas Institute, Initiative for US-China Dialogue on Global Issues at Georgetown, the African Studies Center at Howard University, African Studies Center and Asian Studies Center at Michigan State University.

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