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Omar Manky takes part in the Working in/for Platforms International Conference

Omar Manky, a research affiliate at CECHAP, participated in the Working in/for Platforms International Conference held on February 15 and 16 by the Communications Department of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

During the event, Manky gave a presentation about his ongoing research project, entitled “Reimagining Job Security: Informality and Urban Violence in Latin America’s Gig Economy,” in which he explores the impact of the sharing economy on job security in the context of the informal labor market and urban violence in Lima, Peru. His central argument is that communication platforms redefine job security by focusing on protection and operational autonomy.

The conference, which brought together a vibrant global community of researchers focusing on media, education, and digital platforms, was organized as part of the dissemination activities of PLATCOM, a project involving researchers from nine Spanish universities.

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