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Omar Narrea participates in the Ist Chancay International Forum: “Path to the Future of a Port City”

On December 12, Omar Narrea, research affiliate at the center, took part in the Ist Chancay International Forum: “Path to the Future of a Port City,” organized by the District Municipality of Chancay as part of its 461st anniversary celebrations and with the aim of discussing the future of Chancay as a port city.

In his presentation, “Territorial Development Opportunities for Chancay: Experiences from the Belt and Road Initiative in East Asia,” Dr. Narrea shared learnings from his recent visit to the Kuantan and Qinzhou industrial parks that correspond to the “Two Countries, Two Parks” agreement between Malaysia and China. In addition, he highlighted the great opportunities that are emerging in Chancay and the importance of promoting industries that create high-quality employment in future special economic zones.

The forum featured presentations by Hedy Vilón, director of the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation; Juan Sánchez, manager of Maximixe; and Gonzalo Ríos, deputy general manager of Interinstitutional Affairs at Cosco Shipping. In turn, the panel of specialists who commented on the presentations was made up of Augusto Mendoza, director of the Metropolitan Planning Institute (IMP) and Melissa Lebel, director of urban plans for northern Lima at IMP.

The elected representatives at the event were the mayor of Chancay, Juan Álvarez Andrade; the district mayors of the province of Huaral,  Aucallama, Atavillos Bajo, Pacaraos and Santa Cruz de Andamarca; the congresswoman María Agüero Gutiérrez; the councilor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Janet Alonso Contreras; counselor of the Colombian Embassy in Peru, Iván Alejandro Trujillo; and World Bank representative Cecilia Escalante.

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