Professor Elsa Galarza was a speaker at the 7th Global Forum on Energy Security held in Beijing

Following up on the cooperation relationship established with the Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (IQTE – CASS), the Center was invited to the 7th Global Forum on Energy Security called “Belt and Road Initiative, Global Energy Governance and Innovation” organized by the IQTE – CASS, held in June 2018 in the city of Beijing. The forum was held in partnership with the following institutions: the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS), the United States Energy Security Council (USESC), the International Energy Forum, and the US Energy Security Council. Professor Elsa Galarza from the UP Department of Economics, participated in this forum, with support from the Center, and spoke about her experiences in her term as Minister of Environment in Peru. Also, after the event, Professor Galarza visited the IQTE – CASS and held a meeting with Dr. Liu Qian, co-chair and secretary of the Global Forum on Energy Security, in order to discuss future inter-institutional cooperation activities.

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