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Second Project Webinar with Renmin University

On November 28, Jacques Julien Diderot, a researcher at our Universidad del Pacífico, took part in a webinar for students and professors at China’s Renmin University. This virtual conference was one of several activities organized in collaboration with a team of professors from that university, as part of a research project focusing on climate change and the circular economy.

In the webinar, Professor Jacques Diderot presented his paper “Climate Change and Agriculture: How Does a Changing Climate Affect Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency?” centering on the cases of three African countries: Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. Thereafter Professor Liu Jinglong, director of the Center for Forest, Environmental and Resources Policy Study at Renmin University, commented on the presentation and asked some specific questions about these African countries as well as Peru.

This academic exchange was the second webinar scheduled for Chinese students and researchers at Renmin University. The next webinar event,  which will also feature presentations from researchers at our university, is scheduled for March next year.

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