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Tamara Mora and Gimena Yuncaccallo win half scholarship for program in China and South Korea

Two students of Universidad del Pacífico received a half scholarship each to participate in the UP’s Faculty-Led Program in Asia, which gives recipients the unique opportunity to explore the vibrant technological-innovation ecosystem in China and South Korea.

Tamara Mora, a Business Engineering student, and Gimena Yuncaccallo, Economics, took part in an exciting learning adventure in two of Asia’s leading economies.

We spoke to the students to find out what attracted them to the program. Tamara is a member of the UP’s Korean culture club InMySeoul and learned about the scholarship through the university’s internal networks following a previous collaboration between the club and CECHAP at the Asia Fest 2023. Her participation in the International Marketing in China and Asia-Pacific course, led by CECHAP’s deputy director José Carlos Feliciano, cemented her interest. For her part, Gimena learned about the program through the UP’s official social media channels and, excited by the potential for academic and professional development it offered, decided to take the next step.

During her preparatory process, Tamara tells us that she reflected on her personal and academic experiences related to China and South Korea. For her part, Gimena stresses that the program is not solely aimed at engineering students but can also be beneficial for students on other degree programs.

The UP Faculty-Led Program in China and South Korea gave Tamara and Gimena the chance to explore first-hand the technological innovation ecosystem in the two countries and to immerse themselves in their business culture. The UP students also learned about the implementation of technology by different Asian companies and gained an understanding about the role of government and academia in fostering the population’s innovative mentality.

CECHAP, in collaboration with the UP Faculty-Led Program, seeks to continue training professionals and leaders with greater knowledge of Asia in all its diversity as well as a keen ability to forge relationships with other Asia-Pacific societies.

We congratulate Tamara Mora and Gimena Yuncaccallo for this outstanding distinction and hope that their academic trip has been full of learning and personal and professional growth.

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