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The Center participates in the REDAP Conference “APEC – Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Growth”

On September 14, 2023, the APEC conference  “Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Growth” took place on the main campus of Universidad ESAN. The event was organized by the Peruvian Network for Asia-Pacific Studies (REDAP)—which has several Peruvian universities among its members, including Universidad del Pacífico—and was coordinated this year by ESAN.

The conference centered on four thematic areas on which distinguished panelists gave presentations and comments:

  • Drive and initiatives of APEC Governments to achieve an optimal balance between sustained economic activity and sustainable environmental management.
  • Opportunities for copper-producing APEC countries amid the global energy transition: use of sustainable competitive natural mining and energy resources.
  • Outstanding trade agreement agenda between Peru and APEC countries.
  • Promotion of the digital economy. Where are we and where are we going in APEC? A glance from Peru.

Dr. Christian Libaque, a professor and research affiliate at CECHAP, participated as a panelist in the final thematic area, representing the center and commenting on the case of South Korea and its lessons learned in the digital economy.

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