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UP delegation participates in symposium on Peru’s priorities for APEC 2024

At the meeting on APEC Peru 2024, the promotion of trade and investment for interconnected and inclusive growth, and innovation and digitalization in the transition to the global economy, were stressed as priorities.

On December 4, the “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Informal Senior Officials Meeting – Symposium on APEC Peru 2024 Priorities” took place in the city of Lima.

This landmark event, organized by the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, was attended by senior officials from the 21 APEC economies as well as representatives from the public sector, academia, and the private sector. Part of the conventional calendar of meetings of senior APEC officials, it officially marks the start of Peru’s year as chair and host economy of the forum.

A delegation from Universidad del Pacifico was invited to participate in this important gathering; from the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies (CECHAP), our research affiliates Dr. Rosario Santa Gadea and Dr. Alejandro Flores were moderator and speaker of thematic panels, respectively. Also in attendance were a group of Universidad del Pacífico student members of the university’s Asian clubs, selected by the center.

Dr. Rosario Santa Gadea moderated the first panel, entitled “Trade and Investment for an Interconnected and Inclusive Growth,” in which Eduardo Pedrosa (PECC), Aaron Sydor (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Canada), Amy Paro (USAID Peru), and Simonetta Zarrilli (UNCTAD) also participated, sharing their visions for this area.

Dr. Alejandro Flores featured in the second panel, “Innovation and Digitalization to Promote the Transition to the Formal Global Economy,” sharing the stage with prominent representatives such as Norman Loayza of the World Bank, Carolina Trivelli of the Institute of Peruvian Studies and Roxana Barrantes of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. In his presentation, Dr. Flores addressed the importance of digitalization in the business  formalization process.

The eminent national and international experts and academics in attendance all lent significant conceptual support to the thematic priorities that Peru will present to the other APEC member economies during its  year as APEC chair in 2024.

As an APEC Study Center, the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies of Universidad del Pacífico will actively participate and lead some workshops—to be held in March next year—that will figure among the activities during this important international economic forum.

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