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UP takes part in FLAUC 2023

On November 9 and 10, 2023, the 5th Annual Meeting of the Fudan University–Latin America Consortium (FLAUC) “Sustainable Growth and Social Vulnerability in Latin America and China: Challenges in the Post-Pandemic Era” took place at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil). FLAUC is a network made up of fifteen leading universities in the region, including UP, and coordinated by the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai. The conference had five thematic areas: poverty and food insecurity; sustainable development; government, geopolitics and financial order; investment and trade; and society and culture.

Our director, Cynthia Sanborn, represented Universidad del Pacífico. The event was also attended by Liang Ziyan (Guangxi University) and Li Xiaoyuan (Tongji University) as special speakers, as well as The Fudan University delegation, made up of Xu Zheng, executive vice chancellor of Fudan University; Zhang Yi, executive vice dean of Fudan Development Institute; Wang Xiaolin, executive vice dean of the Institute for Six-sector Economy; and Professor Sun Yunlong.

The hosts congratulated Universidad del Pacífico for being the only member of the consortium with two Fudan University-trained research affiliates: Nifta Lau, PhD in International Politics; and Leolino Dourado, Ph.D candidate in International Politics. Moreover, the UP Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies currently is currently hosting Shi Shuo, professor and Ph.D in Development Economics at Fudan University, as a visiting researcher.

Participating in this network represents a great opportunity for our university not only to bolster its activities with Fudan University but also to collaborate on priority research topics with peers at other Latin American institutions.


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