El centro busca posicionar a la Universidad del Pacífico como un espacio de conocimiento y formación sobre los temas más relevantes de China y Asia-Pacífico y su presencia en el mundo.

Contemporary China: Society, Politics, and International Relations (2024-1)

This course looks at the world from the other side of the Pacific. The People’s Republic of China is one of the great actors on the world stage if the 21st century, but also one of the least known to those of us on the outside. To understand China’s  international role, this course presents formative moments in its recent past, reviews its relations with the countries and regions of the world, and casts a glance at Chinese relations with Latin America in general and Peru in particular. The course draws on political, journalistic, literary, and artistic materials, including Chinese authors in translation, to better understand China from the inside.

  • Año 2024 / Ciclo 1
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